The Purchase (Part 4)

The sail to Saint Lucia was a very pleasant one.  We had winds in the high teens and sailed on a close reach all the way to Rodney Bay.  As the money had now reached D&M’s account, it was me at the helm.  We dropped anchor around 1100, got settled, and took the dinghy into the marina to clear in.  After getting that formality out of the way, we stopped at Elena’s to have a few drinks with some long time cruiser friends of D&M – Michael and Susan.

Paul, Susan, Marian, Michael and David (L-R)

The following morning I was up before sunrise.  It was only two days until Thanksgiving and the arrival of Anna Marie and Daniel.  I was even more excited than normal.

We had a relaxing day visiting Pigeon Island.

View from Park’s Entrance

Pigeon Island National Landmark

Description of U.S. Signal Station

The Island has a very interesting history.  You can read about it here.

The next couple days were filled with doing chores and making our way into the marina.  It was my first time docking this boat and I really didn’t have any experience pulling a vessel this size into a slip.  During all our training courses and charters, occasionally I had to pull up next to a gas or water dock, but never back into a slip.  I have years of experience doing it in small power boats, but this was different.

I spent an hour or so putting around Rodney Bay, getting a feel for how the boat handled.  I went forwards and backwards.  Tight turns and wide.  Bow thruster and no bow thruster.

Once I felt comfortable enough, we headed in.  We called ahead to have a couple dock hands waiting to catch our lines.  Fortunately, she handled better than I had expected, and I was able to get her tucked away in her slip without much effort or any incident.

Sunset at Rodney Bay Marina

The following day was Thanksgiving.  D&M left the boat in the morning and headed to a hotel.  I spent the day moving from the fore cabin to the aft, and doing some clean up as well as preparations for sun downers and appetizers with D&M, and Michael and Susan.

Anna Marie and Daniel arrived around 1600.  I was so excited, I never thought to take any pictures that whole day.  About an hour later, D&M, and Michael and Susan arrived at the boat.  D&M had saved a bottle of champagne for the occasion, and we all enjoyed some good drink, appetizers, and conversation.  We moved the party to one of the marina restaurants where we all enjoyed a Thanksgiving dinner of stuffed lobster.  There was much to give thanks for.  When the party broke up, we went back to the boat alone, and started to come to the realization that life was going to be somewhat different now…

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  1. Paul I read the three parts of your initial experience. I wish for you many more great adventures, that I will be able to read about. Good Luck my friend!!

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