About Paul



All you need to know about me is that from the time I was very young, I had a very strong connection to the water.  Both of my parents were from the east end of Long Island, NY.  They grew up there, well before the area was called the Hamptons.

As a child, our family spent countless weekends there, visiting family.  It was in the Hamptons that I had my first exposure to the Atlantic Ocean and boating on the local bays.

Later, when our family purchased our own 19 foot runabout and my sister and I, soon after, purchased our own Sunfish, we began to explore the north and more western portions of the Long Island Sound.

Boating, water skiing, sailing…  I was hooked.

It became a goal of mine, during those early years, to one day, retire on the water.

Even though many other goals surfaced, and were acted on, this early one was never forgotten. Through many trials, tribulations, and hard work, now I have the God given opportunity to see it come to fruition.  We shall see where it takes us…

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