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Islas de los Encantos

The Spanish Virgins, true to Puerto Rico’s nickname, are definitely enchanting. We had an intense 6.5 days of sailing straight down from the Abacos. We saw a weather window and jumped on it. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to experience the Bahamas as much as we would have liked this time around, but we move with the seasons and if we… Read more →

Ordeal vs. Adventure

On August 27, 2019 Paul and I celebrated our Boat Life 2-Year Anniversary. In so many ways things still feel fresh and new and the learning curve only slightly shrunken. In other ways, we’ve learned a great deal and are certainly more comfortable with many aspects of the sailing life today than two years ago. By no means do we… Read more →

If You Can Make it There….

We hadn’t yet met John, the gentleman who would be our crew for the next 10-14 days and waited anxiously in St. Martin. We were fairly busy preparing for the passage, setting up the satellite phone, our weather routing service, provisioning & cooking. It all went fairly quickly. We finally met John, got along smashingly well (first night is a… Read more →