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Parlez-vous français?

DO I SPEAK FRENCH, you ask? Oui, un petit, petit (petit) peu!  We’ve returned to the Eastern Caribbean after 4 hurricane seasons in the Northeast and 1 in Georgia. Until we landed in the Spanish Virgins, we hadn’t realized how much we’d missed the weather, good vibes, great sailing, laid back lifestyle, swimming off the boat, fresh tropical fruit and… Read more →

Martinique – Part 2

While we still had the rental car, we headed back north to try and get to Mount Pelée.  There was also a water sports outfit in Carbet that offered fly boarding, something Daniel really wanted to give a try.  We stopped in Carbet first, and asked a gentleman if he knew where the fly board people were.  He said it… Read more →

Martinique – Part 1

Anna Marie and I said goodbye to St. Lucia and set sail for the short trip to Martinique.  We had good wind for the beginning of the trip and were making good time.  About mid way, the winds faded and we had to motor sail the rest of the way to Sainte Anne’s. Checking in to Martinique is super easy… Read more →