The Purchase (Part 3)

The sail to Martinique was actually mostly motor sailing, as we had light winds on the nose until we were about 50 nm away.  Those last 50 were very enjoyable as the winds turned to the east and built.  We arrived November 16, 2016.

Raising the Courtesy and Quarantine Flags

We docked in La Marin at the Marina du Marin where Chantiers Amel has one of their service centers.  We were there to have a repair done to the forestay foil.  Amel has the foil forged as a single piece.  Ours had developed a slight widening of one of the tracks, in a small section near the head.  Amel had a 5 foot section fabricated, cut off 5 feet from the original foil, and added the new section.

Widened Track

Foil on the Left, New Section on the Right

New Section Installed

We were at the marina for three days.  Fortunately, when we got there, D&M received confirmation that the money had made it to their bank account.

D&M are Starting to Feel Better

Sunset at Marina du Marin

Saturday morning, the 19th, we left the marina and motored over to Sainte-Anne’s Bay.

Sainte-Anne’s Bay

s/v Frost

When we were pulling into Sainte-Anne’s, the owners of s/v Frost had just gotten into their dinghy to head to town.  When they saw another Canadian Flagged Amel, they headed directly over to us.

I was at the helm so I was unable to great them, but they introduced themselves to D&M and chatted for a bit.  I was in a state of total disbelief.  This was my first time in Martinique, and who is the first boat to welcome us, but Mike and Rebecca Sweeney from s/v Frost.  I have been following their Blog for the past two or three years.  How cool is that?

I was hoping that I would get a chance to meet them while we were there, but it never happened.  However, I am sure our paths will meet again.  As Diver Dave told me, “it is a small world, but I wouldn’t want to have to clean it”.

We hung out in Sainte-Anne’s for a few more days.


The Farmer’s Market was Really Cool

This Artist Had Carved These from Some Native Fruit or Vegetable. I Believe it may Have Been a Gourd, but I Could be Wrong.

Sunset the Night before we Departed for Saint Lucia

On the morning before we left for Saint Lucia, November 21, 2016, I hopped in the dinghy to take some garbage to shore.  When I was a couple hundred feet away from the boat, something told me to turn around.  I did, and the photo below is what I saw.

Kathryn’s Rainbow

That is s/v Rita Kathryn, smack in the middle of that perfect, and unique rainbow.  Most rainbows have a much larger arc.  This one is very low, yet solid from end to end.  I firmly believe that Kathryn was reaching out to me.  She was telling me that she is okay, and that it is her turn to start looking after us.

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