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Hurricane Ian 2022, Forces, and Beyond

Essentially, it’s hurricane season from June to November in this part of the world, from the Caribbean up, along the Northeastern Seaboard. This year has thankfully been fairly uneventful on the coasts of the US, where we found ourselves most of the time. Until… Ian came to town. These systems that turn into hurricanes come off of the West African… Read more →

Green Mountain Gathering

A podcast I listen to called The Drive by Dr. Peter Attia focuses on health, nutrition, exercise and overall well-being with the goal of longevity in mind. Essentially, Dr. Attia asks you to imagine not just living longer but living longer and healthier, with a higher quality of life, into your golden years. It’s not an easy thing to do;… Read more →


One very helpful outcome of the pandemic has been the occurrence of live online notaries. Though our lifestyle involves sailing from place to place we naturally still have land obligations to take care of, as hard as we try not to, and such a service comes in handy. Often we find ourselves in rural coastal towns or out of the… Read more →