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Life on the Hard

I thought we would have more time to blog once we got on the boat full time. So far, that theory has been proven wrong.  Although we are really enjoying boat life, so far we have been spending a good deal of time doing scheduled maintenance, organizing the boat, or fixing things that break. Additionally, every task that you do… Read more →

The Grenada Morning Net – Channel 66

The sailing community, on and around the lovely island of Grenada, is quite large and fairly well-established. That’s because this island is so far south and on the “Hurricane Line” (12º 40′ N).  Cruisers from around the world, many annually, go to one of a variety of safe anchorages around the island to avoid hurricane season.  Many of those that… Read more →

This is One Horny Town

The marina is located fairly proximate to a busy road. It can be noisy at times because of all the honking. The locals use the horn as a form of communication. Mostly, they honk to say hello. Because the island has a relatively small population of about a hundred thousand, everyone seems to know each other – which means there… Read more →