We Finally Got Our Period

After being home for a couple weeks, I headed back to the boat to do a few more chores before Anna Marie and I ultimately move on board.

I started with servicing our windlass – the electric winch that raises and lowers our anchor.  I was also able to install a new chain counter sensor since our old one went on the fritz during our trip down to Grenada.

I then moved on to the cockpit winches.  There are seven of these on the RK and I knew they were due for service.  This entailed disassembling them, removing the old grease using mineral spirits, re-greasing, and then re-assembly.

The first one took me an entire day, but once I got the hang of it, I was able to do two or three a day, depending on their size.

Small cockpit winch disassembled

Small cockpit winch post cleaning

I then moved on to changing the impeller in the main engine, and the fuel filters in both the main engine and the generator.  I also replaced the zinc in the generator and a few other minor engine room tasks.

In between chores, there were numerous walks to the marine parts store, and some evening get-togethers with friends.

Rubber dinghy with rubber fenders – hmm, are those necessary?

Mark and Cindy on s/v Cream Puff arrived here the day we were leaving and we did not get to see them.  The last time we saw each other was the summer of 2016 back in the States when Anna Marie and I were guests on their Amel.

The two of them helped us immensely in preparing to cruise as well as providing all kinds of first hand knowledge about maintaining our Amel.  It was exciting to have them as guests aboard the RK.

Mark and Cindy

I also got to see Efrim who I met back when I was in Saint Lucia.  He works for Moorings whose Grenada charter base is right here in Port Louis Marina.


Of course I also got to enjoy a couple beautiful sunsets.



The last full day I was here, I was able to put the period back on the transom.  We hadn’t noticed at the time, but when Wayne and his partner were putting the name on the boat, somehow the period after ST. was lost.  When I was home, I had the printer make us another one, and now we have our period back!

No period

ST Period!

A quick breakfast with one of my fine feathered friends before heading to the airport and home for a couple more weeks.

This guy loves brown sugar


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  1. Enjoyed catching up with your adventures. Such beauty. Also glad you were home before Irma made her appearance.

    • Thanks for following along Nancy. We were on the boat when Irma showed her nasty self. The blog postings are a few weeks behind in time. We moved aboard just a couple weeks ago.

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