It’s Time to Go

Anna Marie and I dropped Daniel off at college on Friday, August 25.  The day went very well and Daniel was really happy with his accommodations and his roommates.  He was super excited about the gym facilities that were available proximate to his dorm.   We said our good byes, with many hugs and kisses and numerous parental instructions….

All moved in

It was a good day

We headed home and found a spot on the water to dream and prepare for our departure on Sunday.  The following day, we did the same thing.  We drove over to a beautiful park in Greenwich, CT to be with the water, nature, and mentally prepare to leave.

Tod’s Point Park – Greenwich, CT

NYC in the background

Long Island Sound with Long Island in the background

Old Greenwich Yacht Club Dock

We are starting to feel it…

We worked up an appetite walking around the entire point, so we headed over to Stamford to grab some lunch at the Crab Shell.

Doesn’t Anna Marie look excited!

Saying hello to the boats and the water, but goodbye to the large buildings and the hustle and bustle

We left very early the next morning and were on the boat before dinner time that evening.  We spent the next couple days doing some boat maintenance and cleaning before heading out of the marina over to Dragon Bay.

Another beautiful sunset

We snorkeled the Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park and enjoyed the bay for a couple days until our domestic water pump decided to fail.  So we headed back to the marina to effect repairs.

Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park


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    • Bob. We were well south of Irma’s path. Hopefully things will stay that way. Our prayers go out to those that were in her way.

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