It's hard to believe we're beginning to think about our migration south after nearly four months of relishing time with Read more
It’s not what Dorothy had in mind when in Oz, but all the same, “there’s no place like home” and Read more
According to Merriam-Webster, mold is “a superficial often woolly growth produced especially on damp or decaying organic matter or on Read more
As we move south, the butter watch continues and there are signs of it softening, but it’s far from melted. Read more
We’ve heard from other salty sailor friends of ours about delightful experiences of birds catching a ride on their boats Read more
Manhattan is a mixed grid of many strategically, others seemingly haphazardly, evenly yet oddly spaced pillars and structures with the Read more
We’ve been dealing with an if-then-else flow chart of circumstances for a while but it’s time we made some decisions. Read more
Life is a bowl of… Berry Islands-population about 400. During such an unnerving time, we're certainly trying to make the Read more

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