Martinique – Part 2

While we still had the rental car, we headed back north to try and get to Mount Pelée.  There was also a water sports outfit in Carbet that offered fly boarding, something Daniel really wanted to give a try.  We stopped in Carbet first, and asked a gentleman if he knew where the fly board people were.  He said it wasn’t far, and he offered to take us there, so we let him jump in the car.  He claimed to be a member of the Vitamin D following and was at the beach to practice his religion.  He spoke English quite well, and was able to get us to the right place – which didn’t open until 2:00 PM.

Anna Marie, Francois, Daniel, and myself (L-R)

We shot an email to the address listed on the fly boarding shack, and headed for Mount Pelée.  We drove up the mountain to the end of the road where there was a lookout, picnic area, and restaurant.  We couldn’t believe how cold it was up there, and realized we were not properly dressed to hike to the top.

Driving toward Mount Pelée

View from the highest point of Mount Pelée that you can drive to

We had received an email back from the fly board place, and headed back to Plage de Coin for fly boarding.  Dan had a blast.

Daniel on the fly board

On the way home, we stopped in Saint Pierre and bought some fresh caught marlin.

The days catch for some of the local fisherman

Dinner is going to be good tonight!

It was time to spend our days out of the car and back on the boat, so we headed to the anchorage in Sainte Anne’s where we could do some swimming, snorkeling, and laundry!

I think these are almost dry… (arial view of the RK thanks to Yoan’s drone)

Daniel surfing behind Yoan’s dinghy

We had some dear friends pay us a visit.  These were some of the people I met last year when I was in Saint Lucia after closing on the boat.  Last year, these two came across the Atlantic with the ARC rally.  They were both in the area, and paid us a visit before they headed north.  Anna Marie and Daniel had heard me speak of these two often, but they had never met.  I keep in touch with Micheal on a regular basis.  We have become very good friends.

Stephan, Anna Marie, Michael, myself, and Daniel (L-R)

We also had the opportunity to make some new friends, and dine with some old ones.

Dave, myself, Daniel, Anna Marie, Mark, Cindy, Fletcher, Christopher, Ward, Jane, and Stuart (clockwise from lower left)

We spent a fair amount of time in the marina getting work done, but got out to the bay whenever we could to play.

Francois from the Amel Service Center showing Daniel and me the art of Whip Tying (R-L)

There are a number of charter catamarans in the marina.  Often when walking the docks you will see them working on the sail drives located under the rear of each hull.  They access them by raising the stern of the boats with a very large inflatable ‘jack’.

Pretty cool

Before we knew it, the time had come for Daniel to head back to school and for Anna Marie and I to finish one last chore before heading north to Dominica.

Cleaning the aft chamber of our water tank

Middle chamber is all clean except for the screw I dropped down there…

Great way to end the day and the post

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  1. That is very clean tank Paul!!!! You 2 are sure looking after that boat. We meet a nice couple on an Amel called Nomad, they are heading to the Eastern Caribbean via the Bahamas so you may bump into then!

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