Time to Head South

We made some last minute preparations, checked out of Saint Lucia, and then headed south for Soufrière.  We had a beautiful sail down, anchored in Sugar Beach, and had time to go snorkeling for an hour or so before sunset.

Sugar Beach

Petit Piton. The view does not get old.

Nor do the sunsets…

As the weather reports were favorable (light rain in the morning) for our sail to Bequia, Anna Marie and I got up early, weighed anchor, and headed south.

The rain turned out to be much heavier than forecast, and the winds much stronger once we got passed the lee of Saint Lucia and out to open sea.

Heavy rain with little visibility

It doesn’t look it, but we are heeled over here at 30 degrees plus

Poor Jason was not enjoying the trip at all.  He didn’t take any medicine until after it was too late.  Fortunately, he slept for a good part of the ten hour trip.

Not much worse than being seasick

Dan can sleep anywhere, anytime

The winds came and went as we past the windward side of Saint Vincent, making for a pleasurable sail at times, and a rough one at others.

Saint Vincent off the starboard side

By the time we got to the southern tip of the island, the wind died completely, and we had to motor the remaining few miles to Admiralty Bay in Bequai.

Bequai off the port side

We dropped anchor, raised our quarantine flag, and I dinghied into the harbor to check in to the Country.

View of the bay on my walk to customs and immigration

I returned to the boat, Jason and Daniel proceeded to take down the quarantine flag and raise our courtesy flag.  We watched another beautiful sunset, and prepared to head into town for a much deserved dinner at one of the local restaurants.

Daniel and Jason (L-R) doing the flag thing


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  1. I’m sure you have learned this by now, but there is no point in letting a Super Maramu go over 20˚ as it actually slows down. Reef in some sail to get her back to less than 20˚ – it’s also a sure fire way to pump air into your engine/generator intake which means you’ll be replacing an impeller in not so nice conditions. Love your blog. Hope to follow in your tracks soon!

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