The Plan

The major part of our plan, is not to have one etched in stone.

Anna Marie has put in for a sabbatical for next year, just to make sure this is for us.  Assuming all goes well, and this new lifestyle proves to be what we anticipate, she will file for retirement next spring.  If life has taught us anything, it’s that it is always good to be prepared for the unexpected.  I am in the process of transitioning the business to my key employees – it’s going to take some time.  I’m still going to have to work, but less and less as time goes on, and I should be able to handle my responsibilities from afar.

We are home now, but we should be heading down to the boat for most of the summer starting mid-June.  With the hurricane season approaching at that point, we will also be looking to head south to Grenada and bounce around that area for a while.  We have a number of fellow cruiser friends that will be there, and we are hoping to meet more.  The Grenadines are a close playground, and if the weather becomes a concern, Tinidad is a short hop south and typically a safe haven from named storms.  The rule is to be diligent in checking the weather multiple times a day, and always being ready to move.

Some time in October, we will head to Trinidad to haul the boat, get the bottom painted, and take care of some other maintenance items.  Come November, it will be safe to start traveling north.  We hope to be north of Florida next June, and do a trip up the East Coast of the US the summer of 2018, spending some time in New England, before traveling back south the fall of the same year.

We will travel home, or do some side trips when work or family dictates.  Otherwise, that is about as far out as we are currently looking.

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  1. Sound like a great plan to me Paul! Looking forward to seeing you in Grenada! We leave June 9th.

    • Looking forward to seeing you guys as well. June 9 is around the corner. I’m sure all of you must be super excited.

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