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Cement Jungle’s Eastern Archipelago

Manhattan is a mixed grid of strategically, haphazardly, evenly yet oddly spaced pillars and structures with the freedom to choose your flavor of mayhem at their base and in their endless confines. Whereas nature and the sea have a different congruency of patterns throughout, that demand respect. Each affords the enjoyment of a different kind of liberation and reverence. Sailing… Read more →

One Bad Apple…

We have been meaning to get some solar power on the RK for some time now. When we were in Ft. Lauderdale in February of 2019, we stopped into a marine solar establishment that was recommended to us by our friends Mark and Cindy on S/V Cream Puff. We were interested in semi-flexible panels that can be placed on our… Read more →

Brunswick Magic

It’s easy to take for granted the beauty in your own backyard. I remember returning to NYC for my first job after undergrad and seeing the architecture, streets, lampposts, bus stops… all through different eyes on my bus commute to work. It was a new perspective. I had just returned from 4 years of studying in a rural town and… Read more →