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Formal Renaming Ceremony

Anna Marie, Daniel, his friend Jason, and I left NY on the 25th of June.  We provisioned on the way from the airport after stopping by the hospital to visit Kabooms (the gentleman I hired to take care of the boat in our absence – you may recall reading about him in I Live in a Marina).  Unfortunately, Kabooms had suffered… Read more →

It’s not all fun and games

No sooner after we uploaded our last posting regarding our plan did the plan change.  That’s why we write them in the sand to begin with, right? So what is the new plan? When I started writing this, I was on my way to the boat to perform a handful of maintenance items.  After I get these tasks behind us, Dan,… Read more →

The Plan

The major part of our plan, is not to have one etched in stone. Anna Marie has put in for a sabbatical for next year, just to make sure this is for us.  Assuming all goes well, and this new lifestyle proves to be what we anticipate, she will file for retirement next spring.  If life has taught us anything,… Read more →