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Just the Two of Us

We really lucked out on this trip. Our flight was scheduled just after one snowstorm ended, and just before another was due to arrive.  When I checked in the night before, the seat next to us was empty as were a number of others on the plane.  I gave myself one of those mental fist pumps and a yahoo as… Read more →

I live in a Marina

Anna Marie and Daniel had to go back home to reality.  I was staying with the boat to get some maintenance done, familiarize myself with the vessel, as well as try to work from afar. I enlisted the services of three different independent contractors to do some cleaning/waxing.  All three did very good work, some pricier than others.  In the… Read more →

It Begins

We woke up early on the morning of November 25, 2016 all by ourselves on our new (to us) Amel 53.  We had breakfast, and made preparations to head over to Rodney Bay.  We left the marina, and had our anchor down before 1100.  We spent the day swimming in the bay and getting to know the boat together. Mid… Read more →