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Ordeal vs. Adventure

On August 27, 2019 Paul and I celebrated our Boat Life 2-Year Anniversary. In so many ways things still feel fresh and new and the learning curve only slightly shrunken. In other ways, we’ve learned a great deal and are certainly more comfortable with many aspects of the sailing life today than two years ago. By no means do we… Read more →

Splashed to Spanish Wells

After we finished our boat yard marathon and ‘splashed’ it was easy sailing south to our first real adventure out of the Abacos and onto northern Eleuthera. We finally left Great Abaco and went to a little fishing village called Spanish Wells on the island of St. George’s Cay and enjoyed some touring, the BEST paddle boarding I’ve ever experienced,… Read more →

The Boat Yard Blues

It’s fairly well understood that your time spent in a boat yard is not a bowl of cherries, nor is it the pits, because even the choice of spending time with pits (or even in a pit with pits) would be better than in a boat yard. They’re steamy hot places, they’re dusty, toxic chemicals and their odors abound, and… Read more →